The equipment item system consists out of different quality items:

  • Normal Quality (white)

White items have the smallest amount of Atrributes and don’t have any stats, but they do all have 1-2 sockets. Socketable items like gems and runes can be inserted in normal quality items. Normal items are the only quality that can have sockets with exception to Forged Items where you craft your own personalized item.

  • Uncommon Quality (blue)

Blue items roll with slightly higher attributes than normal white items. They have one additional uncommon stat that scales with level.

  • Rare Quality (purple)

Rare items roll with higher attributes than uncommon items. They also have one additonal rare stat that is percentage based thus doesn’t scale with level.

  • Legendary Quality (orange)

Legendary items roll with higher Attributes than Rare Items. They can either be randomly generated or a unique legendary with fixed attributes and stats. Random legendaries just have Attributes and affixes, but starting from level 30 they also roll with a random affix like Stun, Slow, Knockback or Lifesteal i.e. Unique legendaries have legendary stats in addition to attributes and affixes. These legendary stats can range from magic find, to experience gained to critical hit chance etc...

  • Set Items (green)

Set items are items that drop in the world that will give you set bonusses when multiple items are equipped of the same Set. Set items roll with the highest amount of attributes and affixes but don’t have any addional stats. But they have the set bonusses instead which contains attributes for equipping 3 pieces of the set, legendary stats for equipping 5 pieces of the set and increased damage or damage taken reduction for 8 pieces equipped.

  • Gemword Items (Yellow)

Gemwords are items made by combining certain rune combinations in socketed normal items. They take the normal items attributes and add legendary stats to them. Gemwords can also be made inside Reforged items, but those items will still be of the Reforged quality.

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