Emberheart's item system contains Gemwords. Gemwords are an item rarity based on putting socketable gems in 2 socket normal items of any type in the right order. The order in which you put socketable gems in the items sockets is guided by making logical word combinations. For example, the Wind Gem combined with Force gem, in that order, will make a Gemword item called "Windforce". Gemwords can turn normal quality items into powerful unique items with uncommon, rare and legendary stats.

The system was made because normal white items would always be weak compared to other items that drop rather regularly. This way you can make powerful items with Gems out of low quality normal quality items.

Possible Gemword combinations:

Windforce Gemword

Lifeforce Gemword

Runeforce Gemword

Feastlife Gemword

Liferune Gemword

Life Leaf Gemword

Lifeforce Gemword

Leafwind Gemword

Leaf Force Gemword

Hoglife Gemword

Hog Force Gemword

Wind Leaf Gemword

Force Feast Gemword

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