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Emberheart - Berserker Gameplay - Axe Throw Build (UE4 ARPG)

Emberheart Berserker Gameplay - Axe Throw build

Emberheart is a top down ARPG Hack and Slash in the likes of Diablo, Torchlight, Grim Dawn! It’s an indie title that focusses on new and exciting gameplay systems and unique end game gameplay while also going back to the roots of iconic games like Diablo 2 for inspiration. The game is being made by a solo developer who has played and developed ARPG games for a decade! In Emberheart you’ll face viscous monsters that got control over the Emberheart, the Heart of the Mountains. It is the Emberheart that makes magic possible in the world and the enemy cannot continue to have control over this precious item. The player will go on quests to fight the mutated monsters and gain back control over the Emberheart!

Key features:

- Play through a story driven, but non-linear campaign!

- Visit beautiful location in 5 different acts of content!

- Battle hordes of enemies that scale with your average equipped item level

- Choose between 6 different playable classes

- Acquire equipment during your battles

- Find Legendary and Set items while adventuring

- Craft your own set of powerful gear or alter found items

- Get your hands on a powerful Mythic Relic that will level with you and increases in power

- Choose between dozens of skills, alter them to your needs and switch them on the fly

- Collect every unique legendary item in certain brackets to unlock powerful heirlooms

- Choose which end game you want to play, be it fighting in the arena, hunting campaign bosses or getting experience towards your crafting progression


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